How to care for your woven art

Your wall hanging is a fine quality handwoven product that will last many years. Do not hang in direct sunlight. As with any work of art, direct sunlight will fade the piece over time. Do not hang by open doors or windows. Try to keep your wall hanging in one location without a lot of transfer. Keep away from pets and small children. 


Once hung in your desired location on the wall, use your fingers to gently comb out tassels and put yarn back in place. Do NOT tug on the fibres or tassels. 


Your artwork will generally not need any deep cleaning. Lightly dust weaving every so often if desired. Spot clean only if necessary, blot dry, do not rub or agitate the fibres. Do not wash or dry clean. 


If you ever have any issues with your piece do not hesitate to contact me directly at